.China and the United States held vice ministerial-level trade talks in Washington b▓etween September 19 and 2▓0 and conducted const▓ructive discussions on econ▓omic and trade issues of mutual con▓cern. The two sides also carefu


lly discussed the specific arrang▓ement for the 13th round of China-U.S. high-level economi▓c and trade consultations.Gao said that Chinese firms have recently inquired ▓with U.S. supplier▓s and purch

ed hope th

ased U.S. agricu▓ltural products.

a▓t both sides will m

The▓se firms have purchased a▓ considerable amount o▓f soybeans and pork, and the Customs ▓Tariff Commissio▓n of the State Coun▓cil will exclude the purchases▓ from the addition▓al tariffs."Chi▓na has great market demand for high-▓quality U.S. farm produ

eet each other hal

  • fway to seek mu▓tual benefit and win-win resu
  • lts through consultations on the▓ b
  • asis of equality and mutual respect
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